4 Essentials for Building Your Brand Right

People react on emotions. Most of our decisions are based on how we “feel” about something in some way or another.

“I feel good today, so I’m going to go for a run,” or “That’s a cool website, I’m going to get that [insert product],” or “OMG, [insert old high school buddy] gained, like, 50lbs since I last saw them!” Then, before you know it, you’ve spent 30 minutes stuck on someone’s Facebook photo albums… We’ve all been there.

Everyone is human and has emotions. So, how someone emotionally reacts to your brand will make a difference with their level of engagement. This is all based on how someone feels about your brand.

In order to create a solid brand foundation, the following aspects should be clarified for your company:

Brand Structure & Core – How will your products or services be structured? What does your company’s visuals look like? What are the values that create your company’s core purpose? These are all factors that will help you define who and what you are as a brand.

Brand Positioning – Who is the audience that you’re speaking to? What is your value to them? What is your higher purpose and promise to that community of people that you’re trying to influence? Who are your competitors and how do you measure up in comparison? Positioning yourself properly will create higher value and better consumer/client loyalty in the long run.

Brand Ecosystem – How do you personally define your company’s brand? What does your team culture look like? Who is responsible for distributing your brand message? Assessing your brand ecosystem can help define the overall health of your brand.

Brand Influencers – Is your team clear on what your brand is? How is your brand influencing your current clients in comparison to your potential leads? Do you have buy-in from your c-level execs? Your brand ecosystem can create a domino effect of viewpoints and reactions from the inside out.

You should be able to explore and define each of these concepts specifically for your business. If you assess the current state of each of these and compare what you’re ideal or aspirational point is, then you can pinpoint how to move forward.

Having a solid brand foundation will set you apart and set you up for success. It influences smoother sales, marketing, mergers, acquisitions, office culture, attracting hiring talent… the list goes on.

Defining your brand and getting clear on your structure, core, positioning, ecosystem and influencers will go way beyond conversions. Getting your brand foundation clearly defined will help to pave a path that everyone else will get on board with.

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~ Christine