Verse Brand Strategy was founded on the belief that better branding builds better business.

My Core Belief

Genuine engagement is a winning strategy

Being sincere and transparent creates authentic experiences when you genuinely engage in a like-minded community.

Christine Walker, Founder & CEO


Verse Brand Strategy was founded on the simple belief that better branding builds better business.

When you create an experience that makes someone’s life simpler and more enjoyable, your brand becomes something usable, valuable, and profitable. However, you have to strategically define the experience in order to shape the perception of your brand.

I’m a graphic designer turned brand strategist, product strategist, design thinker, and founder of Verse Brand Strategy.

During my nearly 20 year career, I’ve won awards for her branding, spoken nationally about design thinking, and have participated on committees for numerous international competitions.

I cultivated my branding career in the design industry, and quickly started combining my business sense into my design thinking. From agency life to a hi-level position in-house, I began implementing my love of branding, product strategy, and business strategy into my own client collaborations as an independent brand strategist and designer.

I’ve had the honor of working with small startups to some of the top brands in the U.S, helping them define their brand experience by way of integrative design thinking, customer experience research and analysis, and creative exploration.

Currently, I’m serving on the committee board for 48in48, a hack-a-thon event that builds 48 websites in 48 hours for 48 non-profits.

Outside of business, you’ll find me spending time with the people (and pets) I love, generally doing outdoorsy things, and traveling to fulfill my never-ending wanderlust.

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My Guiding Principles


Working hard, being transparent, open, honest, and accountable


Holding others in high regard and getting the same in return


Having understanding and empathy for other’s journey


Making a difference in the world the best way I can