We believe better experience is better business. We want your business to be how you envision it.

Our Process

Every project is unique but we use standard methods, then adjust to fit your needs.


We’ll conduct deep dive research to help understand the best plan of action to achieve your vision.


We’ll uncover and share key observations, trends, and considerations to help define the success of your brand going forward.


We'll put planning into action by creating a brand with value and profitability in mind.


We prepare your brand for market, so you can be strategic and lean with your customer experience.

Every project is unique but we use our standard methods, then adjust to fit your needs. Want to see how Verse has helped companies like you? Check out our case studies.

Who We Are

We are a forward-thinking brand strategy firm that specializes in brand strategy and customer experience. We work with financial and B2B technology product and service companies.

We believe that great ideas come from genuine collaboration and open curiosity.

We believe in working hard and being accountable for ourselves and our clients.

We believe that better brand experience is better business, which is the idea that started this company.

Christine Walker, Brand Strategist

Christine Walker Branding Specialist

Christine is founder, CEO, and brand strategist at Verse. Christine genuinely loves collaborating to build better experiences for brands and the people that are impacted by them.

She has an extensive background building and shaping brands and customer experiences for small to Fortune 100 organizations. In her 15+ year career, she’s been honored with multiple forms of industry recognition for her work and has spoken nationally to audiences about branding. During off hours, Christine lends her expertise to organizations that support the strategic needs of local entrepreneurs and non-profits. In her spare time, she enjoys cuddling her pets, traveling abroad to cheer on her marathon-ing life partner, and obsessing over most things handmade.

Verse collaborates with strategic partners to execute on curated brand strategy needs for our clients, including but not limited to, user experience design, user interface design, systems engineering and product development, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing, etc.