Saas Product Strategy For A Luxury Home Retailer

This technology platform helps bring homeowners, contractors, designers, and manufacturers together during home improvement projects.

Services Provided:

Product Strategy
Product Roadmapping
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Visual Design

The startup founder had a great amount of knowledge about the luxury home goods industry, but this was their first attempt to build a digital product.

Prior to working together, the founder made the leap from initial visual branding into development. So, the focus for our time together was to bridge the gap between their visual branding and development with strategies to help him work through his product strategy.

We took a step back to help the founder narrow down his full-scale waterfall project into a MVP worthy product roadmap that was scalable and testable. Once the product strategy was more focused, user experience and interface designs were planned through an agile product lifecycle. Our goal was to help him effectively design a profitable product that was designed well, using as minimal resources as possible.

As a result, Adinia drew the attention of multiple early adopters allowing them to gain investor attention.


I’m very impressed with your distillation of information you’ve researched. I must admit, you delivered far more value than what we expected. Thank you.

Theron Gunter