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The Association for Professional Photo Organizers is an association for small businesses who help people tame their photo chaos, enabling them to relive and preserve their best memories.

The founder and COO of the organization had been living with the brand for about 5 years, and felt like it was time to level-up the maturity of the organization. They wanted to nurture and cultivate the existing community they had worked so hard to create; scaling the organization was secondary.

APPO approached us with two brands that co-existed as one entity but catered to two different audiences. So, the focus of our time together was to pin down the brand strategy for their small portfolio of brands to help them continue the trajectory of supporting their online community of memory savers.

The Photo Organizers are a community of small businesses who help people tame their photo chaos and create projects that enable them to relive and preserve their best memories.

The new identity needed to communicate an organization that is supportive, inclusive, professional, quality-focused, great at storytelling, and bringing analog to digital.

Brand messaging, tone, and identity marks were developed for the holding company and the organization. Nomenclature and usage guidelines were implemented to clarify the order of the brands and how they worked together.

Once a stable brand foundation was built, we integrated their new brand identity with an updated online presence.

Nomenclature was added to the new identity mark to clarify the relationship between multiple company brands.
APPO Member Profile
As a part of the overall brand strategy, we helped the company clarify it's ideal member.
APPO's rebranded tagline
APPO's rebranded tagline
APPO Brand Messaging
Brand messaging was an important part of the brand strategy.
APPO Website Mapping
During planning, website content strategy helped to inform which templates were required in the interface design.
APPO Website Wireframe Templates
Wireframes were created according to content and web development requirements.
APPO Website User Interface
Once templates were assigned based on content, wireframes were brought to life with the new company branding.
APPO Rebranded Social Media Content
Part of APPO's rebrand included consideration for multiple touchpoints, including social media.