Nerd Noir

Brand Strategy For An Agile Consulting Firm

After years of moonlighting, two leading industry experts were ready to get serious about introducing their DevOps consultancy to the Southeast.

Services Provided:

Brand Strategy
Catalyst Sessions

Once we had a few conversations about their current brand and their vision, the realization came that they needed more than just a marketing plan to build brand awareness.

Their growing desire to build sales leads and strategic partnerships meant they needed answers to some important questions:

How do we talk about what we do in a meaningful way?
How do we make ourselves stand out?

To give them focus, catalyst sessions helped to guide them through their customer profiling, brand positioning, and brand messaging.

We help complex organizations master the art and science of product design and development.

Once they understood what they were truly offering and how they were different, we applied those insights into marketing strategy recommendations that would effectively target their audience.