Digital Brand Masterclass Atlanta: Key Takeaways

This past Wednesday, I attended an event called Digital Brand Masterclass Atlanta. Full disclosure, the main reason why I attended was: A) to support a colleague of mine from MatchAtlanta, and B) to be introduced to the organizer because I’m looking for speaking engagements.

About Masterclass

I’d like to note that Masterclass started in London and is now international. It is a half day event that brings together people to share and discuss all thing social, digital and mobile marketing. It’s a great place to learn about the latest trends and news in the industry.

It just so happens that the Masterclass event this past week was their first in Atlanta. If you’re interested in branding and digital marketing, I’d recommend checking it out.

I walked away with some insight, so I’d like to share some takeaway information from the event. In case you’ve missed some of the tidbits I’ve shared on Verse’s Twitter feed, I’ll share here since I think they are pretty interesting.

While these were not the main topics of the talks, they were interesting enough to me that I wrote them in my notes:

80% of content has been generated over the past 2 years

70% of sales decision making happens prior to a sales call

Ryan Gibson, Merkle | RKG

93% of all people who share content online use dark social

32% use all dark social

Dark Social – Social happening outside of web analytics (ie. sharing a recipe over email).

Caitlin Borgman, RadiumOne

62% of people trust people like themselves

Brandon Beeken, Wayin

95% of firms say they are “customer focused”

8% of customers feel they receive a “superior experience”

Information above is courtesy of Bain & Co, “Closing The Delivery Gap

Steve Roe, SapientNitro

There were a few more nuggets of great takeaways that were covered in the talk that I found inspiring enough to write about. So, you’ll be seeing more posts on the subject of storytelling that I think you’ll find interesting.

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~ Christine