Keeping Your Brand Relevant: 3 Key Factors

Creating a great experience as a brand means staying relevant when our world is moving a million miles a minute. Our behaviors change depending on trends and technology, which changes the way experience is created and distributed.

So, how to you create an experience that stays relevant?

Keeping Within Context

Do your research and truly listen to what your specific customers are telling you, not what you assume of them. Call them up, ask open-ended questions, and actually listen. When your brand is relevant, you should make sense to the audience(s) that you’re talking to.

Staying Nimble

Are you constantly evaluating innovation, and pivoting when your competition or trends leave you suddenly outdated? If you change with the times, you’ll be able to connect with trends that people follow, or react when a competitor starts to “one up” you.

Providing Value

Always selling and never serving will never make you money. If you know what is in context with your audiences, you’ll also know what context is valuable to them!

When you create a great experience that is contextual, nimble in the face of change, and continually valuable, your customers will come back again.

Accessibility has majorly changed how we purchase, and therefore has majorly changed the dynamic of brand loyalty. Also, technology and behaviors are ALWAYS changing. So staying ahead, or at least with, the curve when things change means that your customers will stay connected and engaged regardless of their habit changes.


What do you think? How are you keeping your brand relevant?


I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and feedback in the comments below.

~ Christine