My Story: Verse’s Visual Brand

Plans are always different than how they are initially envisioned. My plan was to create a visual brand for Verse by the end of April, but life just didn’t have the same plan for me.

This week, Verse finally has the start of it’s visual branding.

My logo is finished, color palette has been finalized, and fonts have been chosen. My business cards have been designed. The guidebook layout is being finalized today. Progress is happening. Check. Check. Check.

Since the visual branding has started to be presented to the public, I thought it would be cool to share the story of Verse’s branding.

The Naming

I asked two people to be involved in the creation of my company name: Ashley and Marc. Ash’s mind just oozes creativity and he is the closest person to my business besides myself. Marc was my boss several years ago and has been someone I’ve bounced business and life ideas off of since 2007 or so.

The naming process was a very open brainstorming session that simply took place over Google docs. We each added our own ideas to this document when we had the time. After a few weeks of narrowing down ideas, Ash approached me about the idea of using Verse in conversation.

It was a perfect interpretation of how I help businesses. Ultimately, branding is about telling a story. It combines all these elements of goals, personality, trials and tribulations, etc.

In a sense, branding is very much like a song.

Each story is completely different. Each company is singing their song to the public. Those people who related to the song will listen and love it. Branding is not so different. And so, the name stuck with me.

The name had so much meaning beyond that as well… uniVERSE, reVERSE, diVERSE. All meanings that can be applied to brand strategy and branding companies. It was perfect. So, Verse Brand Strategy stuck.

The Visual Brand

Verse Brand Standard MoodboardI asked Ashley to design my logo for me. Since he and I are dating, he knows my business as well as I do since he hears about it… ALL OF THE TIME. Incidentally, my background is design too. I could have designed Verse’s logo but didn’t want to. I’m just too close and needed an outside viewpoint. It’s been interesting being on the other side of the table. I’m now the client, as opposed to the designer, and it’s been interesting to experience the design process from the client’s point of view. I now fully understand why all my past clients have made the statement: “I need this yesterday.”

When you’re a small business owner and entrepreneur, things can’t happen soon enough. Ever.

As I mentioned above, my initial plan was to launch Verse’s visual brand in April. The delay was for many reasons. A trip to Europe, delays in planning because of other client work, product evolution, meetings, personal plans, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes it feels impossible to stay on schedule when you are trying to sustain every role in a single person company.

One of my strengths, that is also a weakness, is that I hold high standards for myself. One of those standards for my company is a great brand language, which is essential for building Verse’s brand equity. So, it’s awesome to be feel more “legit” visually.

The Logo

The concept for the logo was based around the story of the naming. Using the basic shapes of music bars and using the shape of the V in the name. I love that the icon can stand alone. It’s perfect for applying to other channels for Verse. For example, I’ll be applying the icon to my social media profiles.

The Fonts

I’m inherently attracted to san serif fonts. In addition, the technology world is san serif heavy. So, it made sense to be able to relate to the industry that I’m focused on (tech).

The Colors

Choosing colors was a fairly smooth process. Ash and I explored Coolors and played with several options before deciding on a final color palette. The palette combines considerations from the tech world (teals, blues, greens) with my own personality and colors that I’ve been drawn to my entire life.

For me, it was important to combine my own personality into the visual branding since I’m a one-person micro business and always will be. So, part of Verse is also part of me personally.


You’ll be seeing things evolve over the next few weeks:

  • Verse’s new logo will be added to the website
  • Verse’s website color palette and fonts will be updated
  • Verse’s Twitter profile will be updated
  • The Guidebook’s original design is being updated
  • You’ll start seeing me hand out Verse business cards, as opposed to my old cdublyou cards
  • A video overview will (hopefully) be produced and added to the website

I’m sure there are other updates to come, but these are my top priorities. I’m pumped to start implementing Verse’s visual brand standards.


Special Shout Outs

Apologies for the “I’d like to thank the academy” speech ahead of time, but it’s important for me to be thankful for the things in my life. So, I’d like the give shout outs to:

Ashley Putnam of Seasonology for dealing with my neurosis with all things Verse Brand Strategy. You seriously deserve an award for your patience, super creative mind, and unconditional support. I’m sooooo grateful.

Marc Stress of stressdesign for checking in and being such a sounding board since I’ve moved to Atlanta. You are a loyal friend.

Jeff Hilimire for having faith in me as an entrepreneur. I’m eternally grateful for your knowledge, your respect, and your faith in me while things progress with Verse. Your time and knowledge is so appreciated beyond words.