20 May 2016

Independent Film Brand Development

When an Atlanta-based film company had the opportunity to create their first feature-length production, Electric Bleau, they needed to reach out to the market for $1.5 million in funding to get their vision off the ground.

This was their first leap into feature filmmaking, and they wanted to be sure that their work would be attractive and well considered when approaching investors.

With a branding session, we were able to focus what the essence of the brand was:

A southern gothic film that evokes a sense of grit, rebellion, haunted intrigue, and punk.

Through the discovery process, we were able to work alongside the film’s designer to create the film’s brand standards and look book design. Since the film was intended to be a highlight visual experience, extensive color studies resulted in a final brand color palette that fit the film’s mystique.



in funds successfully raised in crowdfunding campaign

Based on brand documentation work, a brand look book was established  and became a critical tool in securing additional funding.

Other items impacted: further funding outside of crowdfunding campaign, social media channel distribution and engagement, pitching techniques, and finalization of visual design and marketing.

We’ve received endless remarks on how well our vision is presented, and that’s largely due in part to working with you. You have helped us more than you know – and I think you have so much to share and give with others like myself!! Thank you again for making our project something to be proud of.

Testimonial Jen
Director & Producer