Technology Product Strategy

This technology platform helps bring homeowners, contractors, designers, and manufacturers together during home improvement projects.

As this product was being designed and built, it was important for the company to understand how to improve product strategies that would attract early adopters and investors.


After a conversation about their needs, we realized it was critical to help create additional clarity on business planning, internal team alignment, and product value. To efficiently use the energy the company already spent on product development, we took a step back to help narrow down their MVP-worthy priorities and strategies.

We conducted customer research, restructured their business model, and clarified brand positioning strategies to help refine their product innovation, customer value, and product design.


Once the product strategy was focused, we then developed a brand identity and brand standards that will be effective enough to span multiple industries as the company grows. These branding standards were then carried through to the final product interface design.

I’m very impressed with your distillation of information you’ve researched. I must admit, you delivered far more value than what you billed us for, thank you.

Testimonial Theron
CEO & Founder