Commercial Building Development Platform

Concept Product Design for an IoT Startup


Market Research
Customer Profiling
Journey Mapping
Opportunity Assessment & Prioritization
Ideation & Solution Facilitation
User Experience (UX) Design
Product Design

An independent consultant in the commercial development industry patented an idea that projected to solve unsustainable building practices that exist today during the Design, Construction, and Operations of commercial buildings.

The founder had the vision for the solution and wanted to design a viable product around his idea.

How do we go from an IoT concept to a successful product design?

We analyzed the 24 subject matter experts across all three stages of the commercial building development lifecycle. Through primary (ethnographic) and secondary research, we learned that if we could solve pains within the Operations stage of the lifecycle, that would allow us to ultimately solve for other building development stages in the future.

Our goal was to create a minimally viable and desirable product that would address pains for facility departments within building Operations. Over time, the data collected from the MVP (Operations phase of the building lifecycle) would eventually inform the full design of an IoT product for all three stages of a commercial real estate build out (Design, Construction, and Operations).

During our analysis, we created customer profiles, journey maps, product requirements and further questions to be answered through proof of concept testing. Those insights assisted in the creation of low-fidelity wireframes to test against with users and early adopters.

Current State Industry Insights
Insights were distilled and shared about the current state of the commercial building development industry, helping to narrow the focus of further research.
Building Development Players
Insights from research highlighted the current state of the industry, including the players involved and their sphere of influence.
Design Research Quote
Industry research helped to highlight opportunities to improve sustainability within the overall building development lifecycle.
Ethnographic Research
Ethnographic research was conducted to further understand the operational side of commercial building development.
Journey Mapping Facilitation Notes
After focused research was conducted, mapping the journey of building development operations helped highlight potential pain points to solve through the platform.
Low Fidelity Wireframe Sketches
Sketching the user experience helped work through product requirements and ultimately informed higher fidelity wireframes.
Platform Wireframe Concepts
High fidelity wireframes were created to help convey the platform concept to stakeholders.