Brightwell Payments

New Market Positioning for a High-Growth, Global FinTech Company


Design Research (Generative Research)
Design Strategy
Market Research
User Experience (UX) Research

Brightwell Payments is a successful fintech company offering international remittance aggregation to over 100,000 international cruise line employees through their mobile app platform.

Now that they have the majority of market share within the industry, they wondered:

How does our existing technology platform for borderless payments translate into other industries, markets, and/or user groups?


Given the vast amount of industries that could be explored through this project, a rubric was developed to expedite the decision-making process, create restraint around the project parameters, and to reduce the potential number of total industries, markets, and user types to assess. The goal was to identify a small set of industries that most likely contained the right blend of conditions where we could more appropriately conduct research.

Over the 16-week engagement 37 industries were analyzed, 65 industry experts and consumers were interviewed, multiple countries were researched, and a narrowed list of 4 promising industries were uncovered. From that set of data, we synthesized and distilled our insights into empathy maps, customer personas, projected market sizing and revenue that could then be presented to the Board and product development teams. Ultimately, the insights created assisted in the validation of their direct to consumer market for global borderless payments.


Within the following weeks, mobile product concept and usability testing were conducted with 30+ direct-to-consumer users globally. These insights uncovered nuances within varied markets to inform product design updates prior to launch.

This project is representative of work completed while employed at Three Five Two. 
Brightwell Group Facilitation
Co-faciliation with clients helped to focus research and strategy efforts.
Brightwell Rubric Research
Multiple and potential markets were researched. The use of a rubric assisted with prioritization of more promising markets.
Brightwell Phase 1 Insights
Insights were shared from extensive research to help inform and validate new market opportunities.
UX research was conducted to gain understanding around the nuances of international users.
Brightwell Phase 2 Insights
UX insights were shared about global consumers to help refine a direct-to-consumer product.