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Voice of Customer (VoC) Program for an Enterprise Division

  • Developed division-wide benchmark for industry Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Increased CSAT participation rate from previous year; projected additional ~5% increase the subsequent year based on planned digital transformation and improved communication strategies to be implemented in the near months

Customer Insights Reporting
Design Research (Qualitative & Quantitative)
Market Research
Research Ops Strategy
User Experience (UX) Research

As Innovation became an important refocus for this enterprise, developing the Customer Insights capability was a priority for the Customer Experience team to help prioritize and validate Innovation initiatives going forward.

My role was brought in to lead in the efforts of building out a new Customer Insights capability within a newly created Customer Experience team for a division of the company.

Within our division, how do we execute on a formal customer feedback plan intended to help us gain insight around customer’s wants, needs, and expectations?

An approach was developed to build upon the team’s foundational program plan. Although VoC success metrics were documented, there needed to be a more comprehensive point of view on gathering and distilling information in a more human-centric way.

Over the span of 12 months, the following was planned and executed:

  • Clarification, alignment, and socialization on approach around how Insights would support priority initiatives for the Customer Experience (CX) team throughout the Innovation pipeline including role, responsibilities, expectations, methodologies, etc.
  • Definition, alignment, socialization, and mentorship of core User Experience (UX) best practices during digital transformation and testing of digital customer solutions.
  • Alignment and refinement around CES, CSAT, and NPS methods, goals, tools, success metrics, and cadence
  • Design, development, and launch of CSAT and NPS surveys
  • Definition of CES product requirements for product teams to launch during digital transformation initiative
  • Clarification and alignment around closing feedback loops with customers on a consistent and regular basis

The plan included appropriate methods and metrics, overall consistency and cadence, oversight on long-term tracking, and reinforcement to ensure action and the closing of feedback loops. This new plan ensured that the information gathered and distilled going forward didn’t backward validate solutions already being built, but truly advocated for future customer-focused changes in an actionable way.

The initial execution of the plan was intended to evolve as the program matured. After each significant metric was executed, a debrief was conducted so that challenges and learnings served as inspiration to evolve and scale the program as needed.

This project is representative of work completed while employed at an enterprise company. 
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