Define the experience.
Shape their perception.

Shaping meaningful brands and valuable customer experiences through research and collaboration.

Helping my clients make informed decisions, discover higher profitable opportunities, and build brand loyalty through:


Getting clarity on your brand means your team is aligned and your customers are clear on the value you give them. Verse helps you align your brand’s value with experience so that your ideal audiences stay engaged.


Understanding and developing the right experience is key to the success of your product or service. Verse helps you focus your product’s development so that you stop wasting resources and get profitable.


Sometimes the solution to a challenge is not a straight and narrow path, but multiple paths toward discovery and improvement. Verse helps you improve processes so that you stay efficient beyond the intended target.

I’m a designer and brand specialist that helps businesses shape their customer experience.

My company was built on the belief that better branding builds better business. I work with small and mid-sized companies.


Leaders Shape Brand Culture

By Christine / Brand Culture
06 Dec 2016

Leaders Shape Brand Culture

I’m fascinated by how branding shapes company culture. Culture is a direct result of how you intentionally define the core of your business. What values drive hiring? What driving factors influence your important business decisions? Good culture results in positive brand representation to the public. Great culture equals great output. Crappy culture equals crappy output. The “general public” includes business partners, customers, team members… the...

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